Steward’s Corner

Local-300-Pre-Disciplinary-Interview-Form new address

Local 300 Grievance Chronology Form

Local-300-Step-1-Extension-Request new address

Local-300-Grievance-Worksheet1 new address

Standard_Grievance_Form – Local 300

Step 2(a) GRIEVANCE FORM Local 300 – MS Word

Request-For-Information (1) new address


Step 3 Appeal


Postal Pay Periods

Branch Grievance Log

Branch Membership Meeting Sign-In Sheet

MOU reTransfer eReassign Priority – Excessing 3-1-11

APBS Primary Craft Determination 7-29-11

witness statement

Postal Service

PS Form 8043 – Amend eOPF

USPS Handbooks, Manuals, etc.

AS-353 Guide to Privacy & the FOIA

AS 504 Handbook_Space Requirements_April 2011_FINAL

EL-312 Employment & Placement

EL-540 Job-RelatedFirstAidInjuries

EL-602 Food Service Operations

EL-603 EEO Complaint Processing

EL-801 Supervisor’s Safety Handbook

EL-802 Executive and Managers Safety Compliance Guide

EL-804, Safe Driver Progam

EL-806 Health and Medical Services

EL-809 Area-Local Safety and Health Meetings

EL-812 Hazardous Materials & Spill Response

EL-814 Employees’s Guide to Safety

EL-921 Supervisor’s Guide to Handling Grievances

Employee & Labor Relations Manual (ELM)

F-1 Accounting and Reporting Policy Handbook

F-15 Travel and Relocation 05-11 (5.09 MB)

F-21 Handbook Time & Attendance

F-101 Field Accounting Procedures Handbook

F-401 Supervisors Guide to Scheduling and Premium Pay

MI EL 430-90-8 Back Pay

MI EL 510-83-9 Attendance Control

MI EL 660

MI EL 660-2004-2 Limited Personal Use of…

MI EL-670-2013-6 Accommodations to Deaf

MI EL 810-82-3 Joint Local Joint Labor-Management Safety

MI EL 860-2000-7 Fit for Duty exam

Glossary of Postal Terms Pub. 32

M32 Management Operating Data System

MI EL-510-1999-4 Annual Leave Sharing Program

MI EL 430-90-8 Back Pay

MI EL 510-83-9 Attendance Control

MI EL 860-2000-7 Fit for Duty exam

MI EL 810-82-3 Joint Local Joint Labor-Management Safety

MI EL-860-98-2 Employee Medical Records

MS-10 Floors, Care, Maint.

MS-47 Housekeeping Postal Facilites

PO-408 Area Mail Processing Guidelines 03-08

PO-413 Platform Operations

Poster 7 Conduct on Postal Property

Pub 32 Glossary of Postal Terms

Pub33 Mail Transportation CONTRACTING Guide

Pub164 Compensation, Relocation Benefits, and Reinstatement

Pub 223 Directives & Forms

Pub 519 EAP

Pub 542 Understanding Private Express Statutes

Pub 550 For the Record – PRIVACY ACT & FOIA

Pub 552 Mgr.’s Guide to SEXUAL Harassment

Pub 553 Employee’s Guide to SEXUAL Harassment

General Information

FSSJamClear April 2011

FSS Staffing 05-15-09

wage chart 3-9-2024

Report of Business Expenses

Local 300 Expense-Voucher 2024 Long Form 1-7-24 (1)

Local 300 Expense Report 2024 Short Form 1-7-24 (1)