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The Adobe (pdf) version of the National Agreement on this website is now user friendly, for your convenience. Bookmarks have been added for each article, section, memorandum of understanding, and letters of intent. Hyperlinks have been added for the MOUs and Letters of Intent within the articles. Save to your computer to use these features. Click here

STOP STAPLES –National Day of Action– Set for April 24, 2014

The National Postal Mail Handlers Union is encouraging all Union members to mark their calendars and hold April 24, 2014 for a National Day of Action to protest the privatization of postal retail services at Staples office-supply stores.

“The Stop Staples campaign will include protests outside Staples stores in cities across the country. All mail handlers are asked to support the campaign by signing the petition. Members are also encouraged to participate in local rallies where possible,” said NPMHU President John Hegarty.

Click here to stay informed and join the fight.


Postal Union Alliance

All Postal Unions Unite in Historic Agreement to Protect Americas Postal Service

On March 10, 2014 an historic agreement was signed by the Postal Union Presidents representing the Mail Handlers, American Postal Workers, City Letter Carriers and Rural letter Carriers. The purpose of the agreement is to show our solidarity, and to protect the invaluable institution that is the United States Postal Service. We call upon our members, and the American Public to join with us in this important endeavor.We stand for a public Postal Service, enhancement and expansion of service and protection of good union jobs in our communities. We stand with the people of our country in defense of their right to a universal postal service operated in the public interest.

Click here for more information

New Payscale Effective – 3/8/14

Effective on March 8, 2014, all career Mail Handler craft employees are scheduled to receive the first of seven possible cost of-living (COLA) adjustments as outlined in Article 9.3 of the 2011 National Agreement. This COLA increase is based on the upward change in the relevant Consumer Price Index (CPI) Base following release of the January 2013 Index. As prescribed in the Fishgold Arbitration Award, the implementation of this COLA increase was delayed by one year. This Consumer Price Index change resulted in an annual increase of $146 for all Steps in Table 1 and for Step P of Table 2. The remaining Steps in Table 2 have received the proportional COLA increase percentages as outlined in Article 9.7 of the 2011 National Agreement. Because of slight deflation in the U.S. economy and a corresponding decline in the CPI Index between July 2013 and January 2014 there was no COLA increase for that adjustment period.

Payscales 2014 PP07 March 8, 2014

Two (2) Scholarships Available

The Bergen County Central Trades & Labor Council, AFL-CIO is offering two (2) scholarships for 2014. For information to apply for both scholarships, please click here. Be sure to read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship. All members of NPMHU Local 300 and their dependents are eligible and may apply, regardless of if they live in Bergen County, New Jersey. Applications are due by April 12, 2014

NJ LDC Casual Grievance Settlement

The grievance settlement resulted in awarding approximately $1,600,000 to NJ LDC Mail Handlers. Most NJ LDC Mail Handlers, (that have been continuously on the rolls at NJ LDC since 12/31/06) will receive $6,000 each. Local 300 President Paul Hogrogian negotiated the settlement with assistance from NJ LDC Branch President Alex Frazier & NJ State Executive Board Member Charlie Price.

HCES Maintenance 2/14 to 2/18

The USPS has notified the NPMHU that their Human Capital Enterprise System (HCES) will be down for scheduled maintenance from 2/14/14 at 0:01AM (Central Time) & should be completed by 2/18/14 at 5:00AM Central Time. Click here for the notice. This will impact: Web Job Bidding/Phone Bidding, Kiosk Services, eCareer, etc.

All Four Postal Unions Oppose Amended Senate Bill  S. 1486

The four postal unions sent a joint letter to members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Jan. 27 expressing “strong opposition” to an amended version of Senate bill 1486, and urging senators to oppose the bill when it is considered by the committee on Jan. 29. The substitute bill was issued on Jan. 23 by Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), the authors of the original bill.

“As S 1486 proceeds to a Committee mark-up, it is disappointing that this latest version of the bill still contains unnecessary service cuts, attacks on employee benefits, and interferes with our collective bargaining rights” said National President John Hegarty. Click here for more info.

NPMHU Nationwide Organizing Campaign

“Join the Union, Join the Fight – It’s a Career Decision”

In an effort to further unify our membership during these difficult and uncertain times, the NPMHU Committee on the Future has renewed a nationwide organizing campaign that has rolled out on January 1, 2014. The theme of this campaign is a familiar one, “Join the Union, Join the Fight—It’s a Career Decision!” As all Mail Handler union members know, there are some who take for granted the hard-fought salary and benefit packages that Mail Handlers enjoy. Many of those individuals do not recognize and value the hard work that NPMHU representatives provide, day in and day out, to secure, maintain, and improve upon our wages, benefits, job protections, and working conditions. Click here for more information. Click here for the New Member $50 Bounty Form.

USPS Network Rationalization Initiative Postponed

The Postal Service announced that it is postponing the second phase of the Network Rationalization initiative, and the corresponding service standard changes. This postponement effectively continues the service standards currently in effect and delays any related closings or consolidations. Any future re-implementation of the Network Rationalization initiative will be announced by the Postal Service in the Federal Register at least 90 days before it takes effect. Click here for the announcement in the January 24, 2014 Federal Register.

NPMHU Dues Increase & Adjustment

As a result of the 2011 National Agreement, the Mail Handler craft received its first  general wage increase effective November 16, 2013 (Pay Period 25 of 2013).

As required by Article XIV, Section 3 of the 2012 National Constitution, “[e]ach time that Mail Handlers receive a general negotiated or arbitrated wage increase, the dues for each Local’s regular members shall be increased by one dollar ($1.00) per pay period…” Article XIV also directs that the dues and per capita tax increase shall go into effect as soon as possible after the effective date of each general negotiated or arbitrated wage increase.

The Postal Service had indicated that because of programming workload, the Postal Data Center (PDC) was unable to process the NPMHU dues increase until early in 2014. PDC is to first withhold this one dollar ($1.00) membership dues increase during PP03-2014, with retroactive collection back to PP25-2013 (when the wage increase takes effect).

In Pay Period 03-14, the retroactive dues adjustment will be $4.00 (for Pay Periods 25-13, 26-13, 01-14, 02-14). The one dollar ($1.00) dues increase shall be applied in PP03-14. The total amount deducted in Pay Period 03-14 is ($24.00) Twenty-four dollars.

Going forward, the dues amount shall be $20.00 per pay period.

NPMHU Mail Handler Update – Special Edition – Wage Charts & Dues Increase Information

Local 300 Casual Grievance Settlements

Local 300 has settled (in some instances for substantial monetary remedies) several grievances in which we challenged the Postal Service’s improper use of casual employees. Casual In Lieu Of (CILO) Settlements 2013

USPS Non-Career Health Plan

Health Benefit plan opportunities for MHAs USPS Non-Career Health Plan – Nov 2013

Accommodations for Deaf

Management Instruction (MI) EL-670-2013-6 establishes guidelines for US Postal Service policies to provide certain types of reasonable accommodations, known as communication accommodations, to employees who are deaf or hard of hearing. The Postal Service has responsibilities under the law and the collective bargaining agreement to provide reasonable accommodations to employees.  MI EL-670-2013-6 Accommodations to Deaf

National NPMHU Scholarship

The National Postal Mail Handlers Union is pleased to offer the opportunity for regular craft members of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, and members of their immediate families, to apply for scholarship assistance from the NPMHU Arthur S. Vallone National Scholarship Program. Specific eligibility requirements for the program are detailed in the attached scholarship application. Deadline to apply is March 15, 2014 Click here for more info

Local 300 Mail Handler News

The Fall 2013 issue of the Local 300 Mail Handler News has been published. Copies of this latest issue will be mailed to all members home addresses. This issue includes a brief summary of the new National Agreement, as well as wage tables for all Mail Handler effective 11/16/13. In addition, tables are included reflecting the new increased rate for night differential. Click here

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